An Overview of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a term that's made of the words psyche and therapy. The first word refers to the 'mind' or 'soul' while the second refers to healing. Thus, psychotherapy is all about healing the soul or mind. An easy definition of the mind or soul is feelings and thoughts. This may also involve the physical body (especially muscles) as well as the habits we've developed. And since human beings are social in nature, all these things are involved in relationships.

Psychotherapy may be divided into two: psychiatry and counseling, also known as psychotherapy. Psychiatry is done by medical doctors, meaning that drugs may be prescribed. All treatments which involve drugs are psychiatry.

The second part of psychotherapy at is counseling, or psychotherapy. This mostly involves talking. And it also tends to focus on the relationship between the therapist and client. There are many psychotherapy clinics out there, so pick the right one among them.

There are hundreds of psychotherapy/counseling styles. Broadly speaking, they may be categorized into four large groups: those which focus on thoughts, those which focus on feelings, those which focus on relationships and those which focus on physicality.

The classic therapy that focuses on our thinking is known as cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). This is based on the principle that thinking is intellectual processing and our way of thinking affects our feelings as well as behavior. Therefore, the therapy is meant to alter out thoughts so we can become more productive and/or happier. For facts about psychotherapy, visit this website at .

There are many therapies that focus on relationships. These may be a bit personal and focus on the influence people in your past have had on you (our parents are usually very important) but not anymore.

So, pick the best psychotherapist among the many out there. They can help you change the way you relate to people in your life as well as well as recommend changes in your way of relating so you can get great satisfaction. This is almost like group functioning and social psychotherapy. The therapy is helping people change the way they relate so they can have more fulfilling relationships.

Lastly, there are therapies that focus on physicality--particularly the muscles in our voluntary control. Such therapies usually help us know how our habitual feelings and thoughts shape our bodies. This therapy is meant to free our feelings and thoughts as well as muscles from limiting behaviors and regain the liveliness that's our heritage. These types of therapies are often known as bodywork. The two most popular kinds are probably bioenergetics and rolfing (a type of massage.) click here for more info !